Lower your tuition expense with scrip

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CCS will split the rebate amount 50/50 between the CCS general fund and the family who earned the rebate as a tuition credit.

Sign up is simple

Go to www.ShopWithScrip.com & click Get Started to create your account.


If you plan to pay online or to use MyScripWallet to order ecards or reload physical gift cards, you will need to sign up for PrestoPay. From your Shop With Scrip dashboard, click Presto Pay and create an account there also. Presto Pay is the secured banking system between Scrip and you.


Begin ordering. Physical cards can be ordered through the ShopWithScrip website or by using a paper order form. Digital e-cards and adding funds to physical cards can be done online or via the MyScripWallet program on your smartphone.


The SCRIP gift card program raises money for CCS requiring no new money out of your pocket!! It utilizes the money you already spend on groceries, gas, food, clothing, and entertainment using gift cards. Utilization of the SCRIP program creates a credit to your tuition account and possibly a financial surplus for CCS.


The average American family spends over $350 a month on groceries. We offer Wal-Mart gift cards that give back 2.5% to CCS.

$8.75 for every $350 spent. If you multiply that by 80 families the amount becomes $700 a month to CCS and $8,400 a year.


We all purchase gas from various outlets multiple times per month. CCS has gift cards for Marathon, Exxon, and Shell. These stations pay between 1.5% and 4%.

The average family spends $3,100 per year on gas or $260 per month. This equals to $10.40 a month, multiplied by 12 months and 80 families the total amount given to CCS is nearly $10,000.

Large Purchases

Are you making a large purchase like a TV, washer & dryer, sporting equipment? Having a party & ordering 10 pizzas? We have you covered  with Lowe's, Ace, Best Buy, Pizza Hut, Dick's Sporting Goods.


In our busy fast paced lives we all make use of restaurants and fast food. SCRIP has gift cards for nearly every major fast food chain and restaurant. KFC, Chik-Fil-A, Outback, & more. They give back between 5% and 10%. Moe's gives 40%


is the amount an average American family spends eatiing away from home each year. If 7% of that would come back to CCS from our families each year it would amount to over $13,000.


Do you ever eat at Moe's? They give back 40% of SCRIP card purchases to CCS! For every $20 you spend $8 is returned to Cornerstone.