Get your pictures in the yearbook!

Our Yearbook staff can't be everywhere to snap pictures of all the great things we have going on around CCS.

That's where you come in!!

You can use the Yearbook Snap app on a smartphone or go to from a computer to submit up to 5 high quality pictures at a time. More pictures can be submitted with each login. The code for both the app and the online submissions page is chargers.

Who knows! Your pictures may be in this year's 20th Anniversary Yearbook!

Additional yearbook information:

The 2016-2017 yearbooks are scheduled to be delivered at the end of October. We have 5 extras that will be sold on a first to pay Mr. Eric $65, first to get a yearbook basis.

The 2017-2018 yearbooks will be centered around the 20th Anniversary of CCS, so if you have pictures of CCS over the past 20 years please send them in via the two methods mentioned above.

I will send out info soon for those who would like to buy Senior Pages, general student pages, and business ads. Please be thinking about purchasing a page or helping sell an ad.

Please direct yearbook questions to me at