Go ye therefore...

One of the greatest commands of Jesus is to "Go into all the world..." but most of us are unable to physically do that. Operation Christmas Child is the perfect opportunity for us, as Christians, to share the Gospel with people around the world. And it is so simple...pick up a few things, pack them into a shoebox or small plastic tote along with $9 for shipping, and bring the box to Cornerstone. Shoeboxes are delivered around the world. You can even get notified about where yours was delivered (it's an option when you pay your $9 online).

Today Cornerstone students attended our Operation Christmas Child kick off chapel. They learned how God's love is spread through this small act of kindness and how people's lives are eternally changed through something as simple as a shoebox.

Our Operation Christmas Child chapel will be November 15. You are welcome to come and be with us. Students will lay their shoeboxes on the altar and we, as the collective body of Cornerstone, will pray over them. Please continue to pray and believe with us that God will use this small gesture to touch people's lives and hearts as they are received.

This December 1, a group of CCS high school students will have the amazing opportunity to actually help sort and load the shoeboxes at the Atlanta Distribution Center. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information and pictures.