Celebrate Alabama's Bicentennial

Alabama Read Trip


To help celebrate Alabama’s State Bicentennial, elementary school Chargers and I are going on a read trip (a road trip through Alabama in a Cornerstone Library way). We’re going to read books with content that creatively reflects a few interesting aspects of and locations in our state. There are ten reading categories we’ll explore. Students will earn a state seal for each category completed. At the end of the year, medals will be awarded based on the levels completed. For five levels completed, a bronze medal will be awarded. For seven levels completed, a silver medal will be awarded. For completion of all ten levels, a gold medal will be awarded. We’ll keep track of our progress in the library, as well as with a sheet coming home with your students.

Happy Reading! - Mrs. Merrifield

Our categories are:

  1. NASA - read a book about space

  2. Gulf Shores - read a book about sand or water

  3. Muscle Shoals - read a book about music

  4. Helen Keller - read a book about ways to communicate

  5. Dothan’s Peanut Crop - read a book that makes you laugh

  6. College Football - read a book about sports

  7. Iron - read a book about the Earth

  8. Civil Rights Movement - read a book about Civil Rights in Alabama

  9. Alabama State Flora and Fauna - read a book about nature

  10. Mount Cheaha - read a book about something tall